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URL Shortener


URL Shortener plugin Can shorten over 42 billion unique URLs in 6 or less characters (it can do more than 12,000,000 in only 4!) Special features 1 -Configuration page where you can set to show http:// before the address or not. 2 – Function that will work with my version of printPDF plugin.

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Print PDF Full


My version of PrintPDF Plugin Download only the changed files from HERE 1 – Different layout. 2 – You can set up to 3 custom fields to show in pdf. 3 – If you have my Shortener Plugin, you can use your personal shorted url in pdf (Require at least Shortener Plugin version 1.0.1). 4…

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Ctg Theme Pack

Price: $45.00

This pack contains ctg-classifieds and ctg-housing themes. You can have your general classifieds website with ctg-classifieds theme and then a more specialized and specific real estate website with ctg-housing theme

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Ctg-Classifieds Theme

Price: $30.00

– Full responsive. – 8 preset color schemes – Uploadable categories and subcategories icons (PNG) – Custom css. – Color picker for the main colors of the theme. You can choose your own colors for buttons and borders (basically main colors of the website). – Uploadable user image from user dashboard. Users can upload their…