Ctg-light theme

Ctg-light is a very light, fast and full respondsive classifieds theme. Many extra settings are available in oc-admin. Experience the light-speed using ctg-light theme. 

  • Full responsive
  • Uploadable categories icons
  • Custom CSS
  • Useful Info box editable from oc-admin
  • Ready for google analytics
  • Ready for social media share with uploadable default FB and TW picture and WA button visible in mobile phones
  • And some more options…
user: demo939
pw: demo939


Version: 1.0.7
– Fix a bug in item post when the option “One select box for the categories and multiples select boxes for subcategories” was selected

Version: 1.0.6
– Deprecated data-vocabulary.org and implemented schema.org breadcrumbs

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HTTPS Workaround

Price: $5.00

This plugin will avoid google chrome insecure site warning in login and register pages for http sites (will be implemented with chrome 56). This plugin will work only for google chrome browser, the others browsers will behave as usual. This plugin is a temporally solution if you can’t buy a SSL certificate at the moment. $5.00 – Purchase…