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Password generator

Price: $10.00

With this plugin, you will add a secure password generator to the register page of your website. You can also add the “Show password” icon in both login and register page. In the settings, you can choose the maximum number of characters to create the password, as well as the characters to use. Also, you…

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HTML Sitemap Converter

Price: $5.00

This plugin convert the sitemap.xml to HTML sitemap for your visitors and create a static page with link. Note: you need to have the sitemap.xml in your root directory. THIS PLUGIN DON’T CRETE THE SITEMAP.XML Do you want to really earn money? Trade Stocks, Forex and Crypto

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Manual Premium

Price: $10.00

With Manual Premium Ads plugin you can set premium ads by ad’s ID and you can choose how long the ad will be premium. When the premium time is expired, the plugin will automatically unmark the ad. CHANGELOG Version 2.0.3 – fix problem with new osclass version 4.4.0 – fix problem with new tinymce version…