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Geo localize your users with geoplugin With GeoPlugin (GeoLocation Plugin) you can do many different things. Included in geoplugin there are functions to prevent posting ads from unwanted countries. Also included a item price converter and much more. Do you want to really earn money?Trade Stocks, Forex and Crypto

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Manual Premium

Price: $10.00

With Manual Premium Ads plugin you can set premium ads by ad’s ID and you can choose how long the ad will be premium. When the premium time is expired, the plugin will automatically unmark the ad. CHANGELOG Version 2.0.3 – fix problem with new osclass version 4.4.0 – fix problem with new tinymce version…

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Renew Ads


Renew Ads plugin will add a republish page to user dashboard. From plugin admin you can set how many times a user can republish his ad, how long he have to wait to republish the ad again and if you want to be notified when a user republish his ad. In plugin admin there are also…