Zopim Chat

Zopim is a web-based software that allows you to monitor visitors who are on your website and engage them in a chat. This industry is also commonly known as Live Chat or Live Support Software. With my free plugin you can add Zopim widget to your osclass website.
You can download a little PDF tutorial from here.

Plugin description: Zopim Chat Free Plugin
There are many reasons to use Live Chat. You can use Live Chat to: Increase sales conversion on your website, Handle customer support on your website, Get feedback from early beta users of your service, Many more, let your imagination run wild! I decided to create a plugin for websites owners based on osclass. With my plugin you will be able to install own zopim chat widget with one mouse click! The plugin is absolutely free and you can download it now.

Geeky facts about Zopim & my plugin
Work across major browsers ( Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) and IMs (Gtalk / MSN / Yahoo! Messenger / AIM).
Uptime averaged 99.8%.
New HTML5 dashboard.

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HTTPS Workaround

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