Ctg-Classifieds Theme

– Full responsive.

– 8 preset color schemes

– Uploadable categories and subcategories icons (PNG)

– Custom css.

– Color picker for the main colors of the theme.

You can choose your own colors for buttons and borders (basically main colors of the website).

– Uploadable user image from user dashboard.

Users can upload their image or logo.

– Slider or map for main and search page.

You can upload slider images from oc-admin and add a link for every slide.

Map in main page with all listings, map in search page based on search results.

– News page manageable from oc-admin

You can create a news page and add news from oc-admin, create categories for the news and is included a full text editor Tinymce to format the news and add images to it. You can show a news preview in main page sidebar.

– Popular ads in main page sidebar.

– Useful Info box editable from oc-admin.

– Zopim chat ready.

– Tags in item page and popular tags list in main page.

Users can add tags when publishing a listing. From oc-admin you decide how many tags users can add.
In oc-admin you can add a list of keyword that, if user don’t add any tag and the keyword is in the item description, will be added as tag at the first load of item page.
– And some more options…

– The theme language pack include English, Spanish and Italian

All the option available in oc-admin are included in the theme, you don’t need to install any plugin related to them

user: demo369
pw: demo369

Version: 1.0.14
– Deprecated data-vocabulary.org schema and implemented schema.org breadcrumbs
Version: 1.0.13
– Fixed problem with google map API

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HTTPS Workaround

Price: $5.00

This plugin will avoid google chrome insecure site warning in login and register pages for http sites (will be implemented with chrome 56). This plugin will work only for google chrome browser, the others browsers will behave as usual. This plugin is a temporally solution if you can’t buy a SSL certificate at the moment. $5.00 – Purchase…